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Protect Your Hands – Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Dentistry
0 Protect Your Hands – Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Dentistry
Protect Your Hands – Protect Your Livelihood Dental Ergonomics - 1 Free CEU for Dental Professionals
Free CE Webinar provided by Ansell - OSHA - Changes in Dental in Response to COVID-19
0 Free CE Webinar provided by Ansell - OSHA - Changes in Dental in Response to COVID-19

OSHA - Changes in Dental in Response to COVID-19 - Free CE Webinar provided by Ansell through Viva Learning

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many new guidelines and regulations have been implemented to limit exposure and transmission of COVID-19 through patient contact. The OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) Act, or OSHA, has implemented new safety standards for all healthcare settings, including dental practices. These specific COVID-19 guidelines will be strictly enforced, and all employees must abide by the new protocol. Failure to do so can lead to a complaint against poor office safety practices, followed by a workplace inspection and employee interviews from an OSHA representative.

Dentist practicing on patient safely

Partnering manufacturer, Ansell, has sponsored a free CE webinar through Viva Learning in which Mary Govoni (MBA, CDA, RDH) speaks to the new guidelines and how to prepare your practice for an OSHA inspection related to the newly enforced regulations. Mary speaks to the specific changes and provides a checklist for your dental practice to verify full compliance with the updated OSH Act. To learn more, visit the free CE webinar Ansell has provided through Viva Learning here

OSHA is now requiring practices to conduct the following:

Support Your Practice Health with Sustainable Dental Products
0 Support Your Practice Health with Sustainable Dental Products

Building a business that stands the test of time is a primary goal for most dental practices. While there are many aspects of practice building to consider, creating an exceptional patient experience—one that adds value to every visit—is inarguably key. A proven way to accomplish this is by gifting dental products to patients after each appointment. Not only can this help them maintain good oral hygiene habits between visits, but they’ll also think of you virtually every time they care for their teeth and gums at home.

A Unique & Sustainable Giveaway

Since 1979, Quantum has helped dental practices across North America provide patients with uniquely memorable experiences by supplying premium dental products. Quantum offers its own line of practice-building products—high-quality toothbrushes, floss, reusable and paper gift bags, and more—for a fraction of the price that major brands charge. Many of these items can also be personalized, ensuring patients will leave your office with something to remember you by.

Now, Quantum is taking value to the next level with Happy Planet Health, a selection of sustainable toothbrushes for adults and kids, available exclusively to dental offices. Made from natural, biodegradable, and recyclable materials, Happy Planet Health delivers the performance you’d expect from a clinical toothbrush in an affordable, eco-friendly package.

The Happy Planet Health line features 3 sustainable toothbrush designs in professional recyclable recycled packaging:

  • ECO Toothbrush—Made from premium recycled plastic, it features soft, gum-friendly bristles, and is only available for adults.

  • Bamboo Brush—Features a smooth oval head and handle crafted from sustainably-grown, biodegradable bamboo, which provides natural antimicrobial properties. This brush comes in assorted case with 2 bristle colors (soft green and blue) colors for adults, plus an eye-catching rainbow bristle option for kids.

  • Bio Brush—a plant-based toothbrush with a biodegradable handle and ultra-fine flossing bristles with versions for kids and adults.

Elevate Your Practice Brand

Whether you’re just starting to “go green” or are well into a dedicated sustainability initiative, Quantum’s Happy Planet Health is a smart and cost-effective way to support the environment and your business. As an added plus, it elevates your brand by giving patients something they can’t find elsewhere, while letting them know that you care about preserving our planet as much as they do.

To learn more about growing a sustainable practice with Happy Planet Health toothbrushes and find other great sustainable practice-building solutions, visit Quantum’s Happy Planet Health webpage.

How to Keep Your Glasses From Fogging While Wearing a Face Mask
0 How to Keep Your Glasses From Fogging While Wearing a Face Mask
Tips on how to more comfortably wear eyeglasses with facemasks to reduce fogging
How to Clean and Sanitize Your Face Shield – Maintenance to Keep It Clean and Clear
0 How to Clean and Sanitize Your Face Shield – Maintenance to Keep It Clean and Clear
Face shields can be made out of a variety of plastics, but even the most durable materials can become scratched or hazy overtime from cleaning methods. Here are some tips to your face shield clean, clear and get the most use possible.
0 One Simple Yet Often Overlooked Solution for Infection Control in Dental Offices

Most dentists understand that infection-control protocols, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, have never been more critical. Public awareness, anxiety and liability have never been higher as well. Dental practices need to ensure they are taking measures to protect the health of patients during treatments. They also have the opportunity to build trust by consistently demonstrating infection-control best practices.

One area of infection-control that dentists often overlooked is how they address patient comfort. Rolled towels and store-bought pillows are commonly used to alleviate patient discomfort in the dental chair. Due to the unconventional needs of the patient, there is often not a protective, infection-control barrier on make-shift supports. This increases the infection risk to the patient, dentist and doesn’t project professionalism or offer safety.

To protect patients and themselves, dentists should insist on dental chair comfort accessories designed for that purpose. MediPosture brand dental comfort products feature infection-control material designed for use in surgical environments. The material does not have pores, so contaminants remain on the top-surface, which makes sterilizing with clinical-strength, dental infection-control solutions such as cavi-wipes or similar sterilizing wipes very efficient.

Take additional steps to protect your patients and your dental practice with MediPosture dental chair comfort accessories. Not only do they offer infection-control features, but they can help project a more professional approach to patient comfort.

For more information or to order MediPosture products, please visit the Quantum Labs Patient Comfort Products page.

Dental Office Infection Control Practices

0 How to Make it Easier to Treat Pediatric Dental Patients

Pediatric dentistry can be a pain in the neck – literally!

When treating small kids, consider the risk to your muscular safety and health. If you are modifying your dental ergonomic posture by stretching or bending to gain access to the oral cavity, you are placing yourself at a high-risk for musculoskeletal injury to the neck, shoulders and lower back.

Maintain your posture and work safer with a child booster seat by MediPosture. The child booster helps to position the child closer to the headrest of the dental chair – the position intended for treating patients.

MediPosture child booster seats also offers efficiency and safety. They universally fit to any dental chair, can be stored between patient visits and can be quickly disinfected with infection-control sprays or wipes.

Nobody likes a pain in the neck. So if you find your dental ergonomic game plan needing a boost, check out the MediPosture child booster seat. It might be what the doctor needs to order.

MediPosutre Memory Foam Dental Cushion Child Booster Seat

0 How to Save on Dental Care Products for Kids

Oral health is important at any age, but for children, taking care of teeth and gums holds special significance. Dental caries, also known as cavities or tooth decay, is one of the most prevalent childhood diseases in the United States. If left untreated, caries can have a massive impact on a child’s development, affecting everything from speaking and eating to learning and play.

Thankfully, caries are wholly preventable, and the dental habits children learn when they’re young can set them on a path to a lifetime of good oral health. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and with it, Quantum Labs brings you new affordable and exciting ways to keep your youngest patients healthy and happy.

For a limited time, when you buy 3 boxes of Quantum Kids’ and Junior brushes, you’ll receive 1 box free. You can choose from a variety of colorful and creative designs your pediatric patients will be sure to love. Additionally, you’ll receive either 288 activity books or a 5-roll assortment of dental stickers absolutely free with your purchase. These items add value to every visit by making oral care fun, which encourages good habits at home and keeps kids looking forward to their next appointment.

Pediatric Dental Appointment

Quantum is also offering a free headrest (a $44.99 value) with the purchase of a child booster seat. This comfy combo by MediPosture helps you better treat pediatric patients and features an anti-microbial cover to keep the operatory safe and free from infection. Both booster seat and headrest are available in beige and grey.

For patients of all ages, Quantum offers new patient supply bags for take-home care items. Choose from paper or plastic and a variety of vibrant designs for just 12 cents each. New customizable bags are also available for as low as 46 cents each—add your full-color logo and practice information to give patients a gift they’ll remember you by.

Until the end of February, Quantum also has great new deals on practice basics. When you purchase 3 boxes of Medicom’s acclaimed SafeMask® Master Series, you’ll receive 1 box for free. Likewise, buy 3 cases of SafeBasics™ General Purpose Gauze Sponges to get 1 case free. Lastly, keep your staff safe, comfortable and stylish with Medicom’s new SafeWear™ Hipster Jackets and get a free bag when you purchase 4 bags.

All of these promotions last until February 28th, 2020, so order now and save big on practice basics and patient-care items for every age.

To sign up for emails about flash sales and specials, find a full product selection and discover even more ways to save, visit Quantum’s website or call 800-328-8213

0 Can’t or Don’t Want to Use Plastic Bags? Try a Reusable Patient Gift Bag Solution

Do single-use plastic bag laws have you rethinking how your dental practice uses plastic? Or maybe you just want to offer something different or a little nicer. Good news! Quantum Labs has many patient take-home bag options that comply with most single-use plastic bag laws. Our reusable patient supply bags were designed with doctors in mind.  They are the perfect size to fit a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and even a giveaway. There is a pocket to place your business card or appointment reminder card with optional logo imprinting. They come in many different colors and durable materials to match your style and branding all with a sturdy zip closure.

Our reusable patient gift bags come in three main styles:

  • The original ToothCase™ with zip lock closure starting at just .29 each
  • The SmileCase™ extra durable vinyl with full zipper closure bag as low as .34 each
  • The Deluxe Mesh Zipper Bag made of beautiful nylon starting at an unbelievable .84 each

Quantum Reusable Gift Bags

We were the first to offer reusable bags specifically for dental patients. They were designed to be cost-effective and they had to be something patients loved and wanted to reuse.  They are TSA compliant and are frequently spotted in use during travel or as cosmetic bags and at the gym. The ToothCase Bags are made of a durable 5.5 Mil (.14 mm) poly material. This makes them exempt from most single-use laws and qualifies them as reusable in most municipalities. The SmileCase Bag’s reinforced vinyl and toggle zipper shows it is serious about being reused. The Deluxe Mesh supply bag with metal zipper is a truly plastic-free product. To see all of our prints and colors and to order including personalization visit our supply bag page at

Send patients home with the hygiene products they need in sustainable style. Quantum Labs offers a full line of professional bulk toothbrushes, patient-size floss and toothpaste as well as curated personalized gifts such as lip balm and hot cold packs. We offer supply kit pricing starting at just .89 each for the brush, floss and bag!

Plastic bag bans can vary and be complicated. If you would like assistance evaluating patient giveaway and take-home options that comply in your area, we are here to help. Just call 1-800-328-8213 or email:

0 Grow Your Practice with a Positive Last Impression - It's Science

Want to grow your dental practice? Talk with any dental practice growth consultant and they’ll strongly emphasize the lasting value of creating a truly remarkable patient experience. That effort becomes your professional image and what patients ultimately remember.

The dental patient experience has a direct impact on their compliance to schedule 6-month dental checkups, retention, referrals and their enthusiasm to post amazing online reviews! Increased patient participation in any or several of these areas will definitely quicken the stride toward dental practice growth.

So what specific steps can you take to give your dental patients the memorable send-off feeling of their dreams? A part of the answer might reside in what German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, a pioneer in the study of memory, coined as the “Recency Effect.”  Dr. Ebbinghaus observed when his study subjects were asked to recall a list of items in any order he noted, “People tend to begin recall with the end of the list, recalling those items best.”

Holding to the idea of the “Recency Effect,” a dental practice owner might want to place greater, more deliberate consideration on the patient experience during and toward the end of the dental visit.

Lasting Impression memory foam handprint

A few ways to demonstrate excellence in the latter part of the dental visit might be:

  1. Memorable Comfort: Consider the “Wow!” factor of offering each dental patient a premium MediPosture memory foam neck pillow. There is no denying that such cushions offer enhanced neck support and comfort over factory chair configurations. At the conclusion of a dental visit, patients who’ve experienced the cushion, tend to feel more refreshed and less strained. As a hidden benefit, these cushions help increase the tolerance patients have to being reclined. Therefore, ergonomic work angles are often improved for the dental operator.
  2. Loyalty Builders: Don’t underestimate the lasting value of investing in dental-specific patient giveaways that help support the message of dental health. Choosing products such as toothbrushes, dental floss or complete dental care kits will be a sure way to promote good oral hygiene habits. Your dental practice will further benefit with custom imprinting. Quantum Labs is the original designer of the dental Toothcase Supply Bag, which can be configured as a kit to include a toothbrush, toothpaste and brushing timer – electric toothbrush replacement heads are available too!
  3. Digital “Nitrous”: Visit the OperaDDS VR (virtual reality) website if you wish to deliver a “Far-Out” experience that is sure to be remembered by dental patients. Designed by Dr. Bryan Laskin, these virtual reality headsets offer patients a variety of incredible virtual-reality experiences with scenarios of their choosing. According to Opera VR, the headset’s effectiveness in relieving patient anxiety has been documented to be as effective as using nitrous oxide.

Leverage the science behind the “Recency Effect” to make your practice’s unique patient experience and last impression, a positive lasting impression. Trying one of these suggestions during dental visits should create greater patient enthusiasm and long-term participation – and remember the old saying, “You’re only as good as your last performance.”