OSHA - Changes in Dental in Response to COVID-19 - CE Webinar

OSHA - Changes in Dental in Response to COVID-19 - CE Webinar

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many new guidelines and regulations have been implemented to limit exposure and transmission of COVID-19 through patient contact. The OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) Act, or OSHA, has implemented new safety standards for all healthcare settings, including dental practices. These specific COVID-19 guidelines will be strictly enforced, and all employees must abide by the new protocol. Failure to do so can lead to a complaint against poor office safety practices, followed by a workplace inspection and employee interviews from an OSHA representative.

Dentist practicing on patient safely

Partnering manufacturer, Ansell, has sponsored a free CE webinar through Viva Learning in which Mary Govoni (MBA, CDA, RDH) speaks to the new guidelines and how to prepare your practice for an OSHA inspection related to the newly enforced regulations. Mary speaks to the specific changes and provides a checklist for your dental practice to verify full compliance with the updated OSH Act. To learn more, visit the free CE webinar Ansell has provided through Viva Learning here


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