How to Clean and Sanitize Your Face Shield – Maintenance to Keep It Clean and Clear

How to Clean and Sanitize Your Face Shield – Maintenance to Keep It Clean and Clear

How to Clean A Face Shield

Face shields can be made out of a variety of plastics, but even the most durable materials can become scratched or hazy overtime from cleaning methods. Here are some tips to your face shield clean, clear and get the most use possible.

Let’s start with how not to clean a face shield. Do not use household glass cleaners such as sprays with ammonia. These are too harsh and will create a hazy surface. Also, do not use anything with grit which will scratch the plastic material. And be sure not to use paper towels to wipe or dry shields that can cause microscopic scratches from the wood fibers.

Now let’s review the methods that work best for shield cleaning. For quick cleaning of shields and in-between patients many practices use Cavicide or Medicom wipes. That can work in a pinch, but these types of disinfectant wipes can leave a residue and deteriorate the shield faster. It’s best to test the cleaner on a spot out of line of vision for compatibility before using it on the entire surface. A lint-free microfiber cloth can be used to polish away streaks if needed.

The best way to clean face shields especially in dental practices where toothpaste debris can scratch shields is to clean with warm soapy water. Run shield under warm water to remove loose particulates. Then use mild dish detergent to clean. Rinse until clear. Dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

Cleaning face shields properly can extend the life of them. Quantum carries a line of reusable face shields with replaceable lenses that are Made in the USA, shop for them here today.

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