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Bulk Toothbrushes

Need help deciding which bulk toothbrush to select? View our bulk toothbrush selection guide for help selecting the perfect toothbrush, Choose from a wide selection of individually wrapped bulk toothbrushes. Quantum Labs has been providing professional quality toothbrushes to dental offices and other professionals for over 30 years. To view our bulk toothbrushes that can be personalized with your practice name or logo, view our imprintable toothbrush page.

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CRYSTAL SOFT Toothbrush - 72 CT

From $41.04
Soft wave bristle on a crystal handle - Imprinting Available
Top Seller

CURVE Contour Toothbrush - 72 CT

From $41.04
Slim contour head and ergonomic handle - Imprinting Available

DAZZLE Total Mouth Clean Toothbrush - 72 CT

Built-in Tongue Cleaner & Gum Massagers

DENTASOFT RIPPLE Compact Toothbrush - 72 CT

From $69.99
Top Seller! Made in USA - Compact head with bi-level bristles

DENTASOFT Ultracare Cross Clean Toothbrush - 72 Count

From $69.99
Made in USA - Features ripple-cut bristles and soft grip

DENTASOFT Youth FONES Kids Toothbrush - 72 Count

From $47.29
Made in USA - Youth Ages 4-8 Years